The only downside of this website hierarchy structure is that you need to plan it beforehand and it’s not always easy to make fundamental changes to it later. Your website’s navigation, or menu, helps visitors understand the structure of your website. As a result, organize how to plan a website structure each page in a systematic manner so that customers can quickly locate the information they require. Using short phrases and straightforward content language is the best way to create effective navigation. A valuable component of a website’s structure is categorization.

what is website structure

This supports differences in ranking on search results pages for similar content. Just like Hansel and Gretel’s trusty breadcrumb path,website breadcrumbsalso help users trace their steps back to a familiar location. Breadcrumbs are the ordered trail at the top of a site that appears when you get deeper within the structure. They serve as directions that explain your location, and search engines respond positively to them. You might add more products to your online store and need to create more categories and subcategories.

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Use only those subcategories which are closely related to the main category as non-related subcategory can make the structure a little unbalanced. I know the rules, and it seems as if I can structure a website following all of the best practices with my eyes closed. Even with the rules followed and boxes checked I always truly learn how successful or unsuccessful the structure is when I watch a stranger use the site for the first time. However, and here is the most important part, don’t simply add links to hit a certain number. Do it when it makes sense, and make sure your links fit the context in which they appear.

Websites with a clear organizational structure have defined places for different types of content. This makes it easier to craft a content strategy and prevent keyword overlaps that lower overall rankings in SERPs. This hierarchical website structure type is also sometimes referred to as a tree model because all subfolders and their pages act as branches. It’s the best way to organize the vast majority of websites. Correctly optimized website structure influences the perception of the website by search engines, the behavioral factor, indexing speed, and the transfer of the link equity. A clear and logical structure is the first thing that needs to be turned over in mind before the work on the website gears up.

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Smart internal linking will help crawlers find all the content on your website. A well-planned structure is what turns a messy set of webpages into a site loved by users and search engines. For both, it’s crucial to get a clear idea of how your website is organized and how to find relevant information on it. By ensuring your site has a good structure, you can optimize the user experience, making navigation easier. You can also improve your SEO performance by enhancing the contextual relevance of pages, the internal link structure, and the site’s crawlability. These are links on webpages or blog posts that point to other relevant content on other webpages.

The depth of your architecture also affects how search engines crawl your site. So the lower the crawl depth, the quicker and more likely search engines can navigate to a webpage. The rule of thumb here is that every page should have a link pointing to it and coming from it. Search crawlers find and index websites by going from one page to another, and they do so by following the links, unless they are told otherwise.

Create a Flat Site Architecture

So practice empathy and provide an intuitive web experience. But can provide more real estate for more top-level navigation links. Pages that don’t have any internal links pointing at them are called orphan pages. So pagination often works best for most sites for navigation purposes.

what is website structure

If your pages have a clear call to action or value proposition you can hold a user’s attention for several minutes. Let me say that again, even if you do everything right, you will only hold a user’s attention for several minutes. Page titles are used for a reason, people type in these terms when they search. Simple, common, recognizable terms are typically the best approach.

What are the different types of website structures?

I wouldn’t recommend you take it on without professional help. Carefully planned changes to your site structure can translate into top-notch results for your on-page optimizations and deliver the conversions your business needs to thrive. When developing your site architecture for SEO, you’ll want to make informed decisions about which improvements you need to make. Otherwise, you’re essentially guessing about what could be beneficial for improving UX, which leaves the success of your project up to chance. When you want to launch a new page, you simply add it to an existing category and link to it from that category page. Before you start updating your site structure, you’ll want to pinpoint what you hope to achieve.

what is website structure

It is basically the plan and web design of the visual and technical feasibility of a website. It’s used as a term by website designers as in the meaning of designing and developing a website. Website architecture is an essential step of website creation that affects the user experience drastically. Therefore as a marketing enthusiast, you should be able to construct your website in an easy-to-navigate way to not lose your potential customers. Plus, if your website is messy, you will not get any help from the search engines.

Evaluate your categories

You probably have blog posts or articles on your site that cover the same topic. We have multiple posts about site structure, each covering a different aspect. But Google won’t know which of these is most important unless we ‘tell’ Google. The way your site is structured will give Google clues about where to find the most essential content. Your site’s structure determines whether a search engine can understand what your site is about and what you’re selling.

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