Reader Question:

There’s this girl within my school that i love, but I’m perplexed concerning in which the woman mind is at. Below are a few things she really does:

Even more stuff that I can’t hop out the top of my personal head!

I like this girl, but I’m confused on whether she likes me or otherwise not. Preciselywhat are your thoughts? Really does she just like me? Or does she perhaps not? Is she dubious?


-David H. (Ca)

Professional’s Answer:

Hello David,

It sounds as you have actually put countless thought into this lady at school. Additionally sounds like the both of you are near – discussing information that is personal with one another and receiving romantic adequate to learn how she smells. But I’m interested precisely why rather than just letting the partnership evolve naturally, you think the need to label it or define it. I’m sure you need us to inform you point blank this particular girl wants you, but i cannot accomplish that.

The thing I can inform you, and you might not require to learn this, is that if you want to know that terribly, then chances are youare going to need to ask this lady. Certainly, easier said than done. But if you need a concrete answer and you are not willing to just let the commitment development, you will need to see where her mind’s at and then have “one of those discussions.” It sounds like you have a pretty good chance using this lady, so good chance and let me know the way it turns out.


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